The Niche Builders



First let me say that the Niche Builders deal exclusively in building search engine efficient, income producing websites for use with adsense ad programs. The site you are looking at now is a sample of what our article sites look like, and we have the addresses of other sites we have built at the bottom of the page. As you will see they have grown considerable since first started.

We are based in Dallas, Texas but we do all our work in front of our computers in the comfort of our own homes. As the owner, I have two excellent writers who work for me for individuals or companies who need someone to write their content for them, and another very talented webmaster to help when I get overloaded with website building.

Most of our niche websites start off with five articles, but you can always start with more if you like. However, to keep the search engines happy and not get your site on their bad side, it is best to start off small and then add one to three articles to your site every week and at least an article a month to some of the more popular article directories. Some social networking would also be a good idea. Once you have reached the first page of the search engines you will still need to take care of your site to keep it ranking well, but you will not need to add articles as often. If you wish, we can handle these details for you for a small fee.

I am not going to bore you with a long page of how great we are, but I am going to give you a few samples of recent sites we have built to give you an idea of what our sites look like and how our articles read. I will also guarantee you if you will do the things mentioned in the above paragraph, we can get your website on or near the first page of the major search engines within six to eight months. Below is a list of our very competitive fees.

For $130 we will do website construction as shown in this sample using five of your articles. To get the best results from the search engines these must be well done articles in the 500-550 word range with good content. This price will include adding adsense to your site if you would like to have it. If you are a good writer you are probably making $8-$10 per article writing for website owners and builders. Why not use your talent to have a number of your own income producing websites?

If you are not a writer, for $175 we will construct the website as well as write the articles for you. As you can see this amounts to a fee of $9 per article.

If you would like us to maintain your site for you, here is a list of our fees.

For a fee of $6 we will add an article of your choice to your website at anytime you wish. For a fee of $15 we will include writing the article for you.

If you would like us to write articles for any sites you may already have our price is $9 per article.

Please contact us if you have any questions. If are not familiar with how to successfully handle income producing niche sites, please email us before buying a domain name and let us advise you on the type of name you need to purchase for the best results, or let us purchase it for you.

Each week we also try to build at least one quality .com niche website which we sale for $175-$200 depending on content and keyword CPC. These sites have our search engine optimization website design and five 500-525 word content articles included to get you off to a great start. All websites we build have .com domain name matches and a high goggle keyword CPC rating. If you would like us to build you a website on a certain subject, this is no problem and it will only take a week or less to have it up and running.

Build it yourself websites that millions of people have are very hard to get to the top of search engine pages. Why? Because millions of people have them. Search engines put more priority on well built, unique sites with quality content. Our goal is search engine efficient sites that with a little care can get our clients “safely” to the top at a very reasonable cost and keep them there.

Sorry, but we specialize in our own particular type of niche websites and handle only sites that were built by us. Please do not ask us to maintain or build a site different from what we specialize in. We are a small company and all our time is devoted to our own sites and our own clients.